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Parent Child Advocacy, supporting, educating and advising on all aspects of Scottish parental and child based advocacy. Let us be your Voice.

Parents with children who are in care have a right to have their views and feelings heard and to be involved in decisions made about their lives and personal futures.

When this happens, it improves the child’s experience in local authority care, which in turn promotes positive outcomes for them in the future.

Independent advocates from the Parent and Child Advocacy teams play a vital role in ensuring that parents with children in-care have their views heard and acted upon.

However accessing quality independent advocacy is inconsistent, and can depend on where the parent or child resides or what their additional needs are.

The parent and child advocacy network is available across Scotland and increases everyday as new volunteers are eager to join and engage with others who face similar situations.

In this regard we can offer clients their own mutual support networks within Parent and Child Advocacy.

We also give advice and support with children leaving care and children with special educational needs and/or living with various disabilities.

Parent Advocacy Network has many experts from the third sector dealing with all types of parental issues including drugs misuse and other addictions such as alcohol or self-harming.

Few organisations in Scotland can offer support in such a range of difficult areas of concern. 

We offer our clients a one stop shop where support and general advice in these areas where accessing proper legal advice is next to impossible.

This has been our main motivatiion in creating this resource.

We can confirm our support and any advice we provide to those who need it is completely free of charge.

Pleas contact us in the instance by email and give us a brief story so far and the kind of help you are looking for at this stage in your case at [email protected]

Please check out our contact page here.

If you are a dad and need help with your children, support and advice can be obtained from the Scottish registered Charity Dadscare.